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Long Island, NY

Services | Tenant Coordination
Client | Simon

Roosevelt Field Mall’s $200 million expansion includes a 170,000 SF two-level retail wing and a 50,000 SF Dining District. This renovation and expansion to the second-highest performing property in Simon Property Group’s portfolio, help solidify Roosevelt Field’s position as "the mall where New York City shops."

Skye Group Tenant Coordination strategically coordinated the decommissioning of the existing food court tenants and the design/construction of 17 new food court tenants in the new state-of-the-art, 1,200 seat dining district. Featuring Manhattan-based eateries and al fresco dining, Roosevelt Field Mall food court was transformed into a true dining destination in 2015.

The 2015-2016 multi-level luxury expansion includes the first Neiman Marcus in Long Island and star-studded luxury tenant line-up. Skye Group’s Office and Field Tenant Coordination staff were commissioned to guide the tenants through a rigorous design process while ensuring the highest standards of constriction in the field.

Skye Group helped ensure Roosevelt Field, the 6th largest retail shopping mall in the country, successfully steps forward and evolves into today’s new retail environment.