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Cleveland, OH

Services | Owner’s Representative / Project Management
Client | Bellefaire JCB / Wingspan Care Group

Bellefaire JCB was founded as an orphanage in 1868 and today provides a variety of behavioral health, education, and prevention services for children, adolescents and their families. Bellefaire’s services have expanded over the years to support the needs of over 12,000 emotionally troubled, autistic and homeless youth per year with programs including Counseling, Adoption, Foster Care, Homeless Youth Program, Monarch School and Boarding Academy for Autism, Preschool Programs, Residential Treatment, and the volunteer Jewish Big Brother Big Sister Association.

The 28 acre Bellefaire Campus in Shaker Heights, OH has 18 buildings housing its offices, programs and residential boarding homes. The highly specialized buildings, many of which are well over 75 years old, require systematic upkeep and maintenance as well as capital projects to reflect new service offerings by the agency.

Skye Group has proudly worked with Bellefaire since 2009 and assisted with over 15 capital improvement projects ranging from the construction of a basement level indoor pool in a historic structure to the conversion of existing buildings into specialized apartment housing for autistic young adults.